April 26, 2003 

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Dr. V.V. Bashi, Chairman, Thorasic Cardio Vascular Department, Miot Hospital, Manappakkam, Chennai

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It wouldn’t be the numbers alone that make the patients seek his surgical intervention to cure their heart problem.  Dr. V.V. Bashi, Chairman of Thorasic Cardio Vascular Department at Miot Hospital, Manappakkam, Chennai, who has so far done about 6000 surgeries, attributes his success rate of 99.5% to the Mercy of God.

His recent surgery on a 67-year-old patient with 5 blocks in the heart and a bloated artery, is a case in point.  While other doctors had written off the case as beyond redemption, Bashi took on the challenge and gave him a fresh lease of life.

First the blocks were removed, upon which the heart began to do its duty with renewed vigour.  Then using the heart-lung machine, the aneurysm-affected portion of the artery was replaced with a tube.  The 8-hour long surgery was an illustration o what he says are the essential ingredients for success: patients, speed, experience and above all the Grace of God.

After completing MBBS from Medical College, Kottayam, he worked for sometime in Medical Centre, Vellure, Medical Mission, Chennai and Malar Hospital, Chennai before moving on to Miot Hospital.  He has undergone training in Australia and France under famous cardiac surgeons.

His wife Sethu Lakshmi is the daughter of Dr.C.K.Ramachandran, former Head of Medicine at Medical College, Kozhikode.  He has 2 daughters, Gayatri and Gopika, both college students.

If even foreigners repose their faith in him to cure their heart ailment, it is an indication of stature of this pioneer in beating heart and other complicated surgery.



Courtesy: Varghese C. Thomas (text), J.Suresh (photo), Sree, Malayala Manorama, January 12, 2003

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