March 12, 2017

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P.Harish Kumar, Babu Nilayam, Palekkad, Kallai, Kozhikode

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Stitching, to some, is the art of making both ends meet.  But to P.Harish Kumar, Babu Nilayam, Palekkad, Kallai, Kozhikode, who studied fashion designing at Chennai, teaching others the art of stitching, is an act of service, for which he charges a meager Re.1 per person.  And using this ‘fee’ he provides pension to helpless tailors also.

It is now many years since he had started this coaching.  He has so far taught more than 8000 in India and abroad.  His motto is to do quality service to fellow beings before life comes to an end.

Young and old and novices are welcome to his classes, which extends for 10 days.

His institute for coaching is named ‘Niveditha Thozhil Pariseelana Seva Kendram’.  This Kendra was started 32 years ago.

He has instituted a pension scheme for ailing tailors.  Under this scheme, he provides pension to 12 ailing tailors at their homes every alternate months.  The funds for this scheme is gathered from the Re.1 that participants donate everyday while attending his coaching classes.

80% of those who attend his classes are women.  It is the experience of the learners that after the coaching classes, they are able to stitch cloths for kids, gents and ladies.  He collects feedback of the learners after the class.  Their attestation, according to  him, is his greatest accolade.

He retired last year as bandmaster at NSS Higher Secondary School, Meenchanda.  Even during his career years, he did not let go the art of stitching.

He is married to Ravitha, a deaf and dumb person.  In the choice of life partner also, he went by the slogan of service to others. His children are Abhirami,  Aloke and Sreehari.



Courtesy:  T.K.Balanarayanan (text), Mathrubhumi, February 6, 2017

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."