July 11, 2015

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Vinod, Kodivilakam, Parassala 9895619186

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There will be many others cultivating bananas in more area.  However, in terms of diversity of types, the banana farm of Vinod, Kodivilakam, Parassala are a rarity.  More than 300 types of bananas adorn his land.

Nor does he plant them according to a plan.  Different types of bananas in different stages of growth grace his plot.

He has travelled far and wide to gather material for his plot.  Such journeys have taken him to Bihar, Assam, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and various Agricultural Universities.

Some of the varieties in his plot include Poonkalli, Poonkadali, Chennali, Virupakshi, Survya Kadali, Kaveri and Manoranjini.

He does not keep at bay crows, squirrels or bats.  Rather, they are also visitors who gets what they like.  His other pacifist technique is to let the insects and bacteria consume one plant fully, if it is affected with any disease.  This is to ensure that the malady does not spread to the other plants.

Vinodís interest in bananas started at the age of 12 when he used to irrigate the plants with water drawn from a nearby stream.  Although he donned many roles in life like theatre personnal, medical store owner, businessman of automobiles etc. he carried the love of bananas always with him.

He is fond of explaining the many benefits of different bananas: some which are exclusively used for poojas in temples, one whose leaf could cure ailment in the mouth, sundari poovan which can be relished with confidence even by those suffering from excess blood sugar etc.  And as anyone who has observed deeply into any phenomenon in nature, he has discovered unknown uses for these lowly fruits.

His experience is that bananas are an antidote even for depression.  Twenty five years ago, his father suffered from a heart attack.  After treatment, he made bananas his daily medicine.  At the age of 90, he still keeps very good health.

His dream is an institution that will disseminate the glory of bananas and guide the farmers in its cultivation.


Courtesy: Rajmohan Koovalasseri (text), Kerala Karshakan, July 2015

"Labour conquers all things."