April 30, 2016

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Sajini, Snehi Bhavan, Melukavu Panchayat, Kottayam

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Sajini had her future work cut out for her while studying in the 8th grade – though she was perhaps unaware of it at that time.  She participated in ‘World Vision’ activities and was involved in the upliftment of Dalits and Adivasis. 

So perhaps it was no surprise that after marriage to Mathew, while on the way to Adimali, when she came across a mother and her two daughters weeping by the roadside, she could not just leave them there and proceed with her journey.  Her enquiry found that they had been thrown out of by the woman’s husband.

Sajini brought them to her home.  She informed the priest and the police and fought the case in the court.  After 2 years the court ruled that they were entitled to live in the house from which they had been thrown out.

This became news in the media and she started receiving more girls.  In the first year itself there were 8 inmates.  Slowly more and more people came to know her activities.

She and her husband are daily wage workers.  Besides, her husband Mathew is a modern style artist.  All these resources pooled together contributed to the running of Snehi Bhavan, the home run  by her.  The institution was registered in 2001 after many hurdles. 

During the 16 years, almost 100 girls have taken shelter in Snehi Bhavan.  Many have moved on into more confident modes as brides and others.

For the running of the Bhavan, there is an advisory committee.  Friends local Samaritans contribute to the running of the institution.  There is a 10-member stitching unit at Cheenikkuzhi.  They share a portion of their profit with the Bhavan.

Thus by drops and trickles, the good effort proceeds.  They are constructing a three-story building to house the Bhavan.  And Sajini reveals her wish of what to do when the building is complete:  “I want to keep one floor of the building for destitute mothers.  Let my children get few mothers.”


Courtesy: Rekha Nambiar (text), Sreejith P.Raj(photo), Gruhalakshmi, January 16-31, 2016

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